Hi my DS is turning 3 mths old soon. Today and 2 days ago, he seem sleepy near to his next feed and drank lesser. In the day, he usually fall asleep after burping and after an hr or two, he will wake up ard an hr too to look ard and play. Then he will fall asleep again. When it is time for his next feed (ard 3.5 hrs ro 4 hrs), he will still drink but shows sign of sleepiness. He usually drinks up 130ml to 150ml, but today and 2 days ago, he refuse to drink after 100ml. He is also experiencing eczema and we gave him desowen lotion prescribed by the doctor yest. We din get to ask the doc abt his appetite cos yest seemed ok so we thought not an issue. He also salivates a lot lately. I bottle feed him with EBM, only feed FM during his last feed. Is this normal? Should i bring him to the doctor again? Every visit costs a bomb and i hated myself for not asking the doctor more yest.

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Could be teething. I think as long as baby is drinking and active no need to rush to the doctor. With that said in not a doctor so best to be safe.

7y ago

thanks... like what i asked jorelle, could it be too early for him to start teething.. cos i suspected so but both my mum and my hubby say not possible.

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Salviating alot. Could be a sign of teething. did you check his temp?

7y ago

his temperature is normal. around 36.2 degrees.. is it too early for a 3 mth old to start teething?

For the eczema did the doctor prescribe any moisturizer?

7y ago

ya in fact ceredan was given by another pd last wk. the doc this wk is a 2nd opinion and asked me to continue with ceredan while applying the steroid lotion. thankfully the steroid lotion helped but i know it's not good to keep using it. my son seem much comfortable now but appetite still not much improved. and he has been expelling a lot of phelgm thru vomitting after feeds. i suspect he has reflux issues..