rejecting bottle

My 2 months old baby refuse to drink milk. Its time to feed him, he will cry a lot and when putting the milk bottle into his mouth, he will push it and cry even louder. However when he is asleep, we will try to feed him and he will drink the milk. Went to the GP n check there nothing wrong with his mouth or tongue. Doctor say might be milk strike but it doesn't seem like it. Is it reflux problem? Any mummies out there having this problem and how you encounter this. Thanks

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Super Mum

Had the exact same problem. Mine was probably worse. She rejected the bottle for 3 months 😭 All I can say is, keep persisting, even if you continue feeding while baby is tired. Gradually, he’ll become okay with it again

4y ago

Ok will keep on trying. Thks mummy


Have you tried changing the teats?

4y ago

Yup done. But still the same