Hi, my LO is 1 week 3 days old. I feed him by latching and formula, sometime I express out the breastmilk. I am wondering why everytime I latch him he seem to not feeling full and keep wanting to drink again after awhile. Sometime I latch him, he fall asleep or push the breast away so I thought he had enough and I put him on bed. But about 10 mins he start to be cranky again and want to drink milk, this last for 1 hr plus and I have no choice but to give him formula. Any mummies experience this?

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First 6-8 weeks, BF baby on demand. If you supplement with formula milk, your breasts may not be producing the appropriate amount for your lil boy. In this case, the crazy nursing session is supposed to increase your breastmilk supply. It is tough during the first month, press on!

It might be that your little one is seeking comfort latch as well