My nearly three months old baby refusing bottle feed..

For the past one month, I have been dealing with fussy son who always gave me hard time feeding him. When the Avent bottle teat no. 1 put into his mouth, he will cry and turn his head, beating away the bottle or fall asleep. I will wake him up and force him to drink. Slowly his feed getting lesser and we admitted him to kkh...Did infection tests and came back negative..Finally doc diagnosed thrush and acid reflux and he finished the bottle with still the same fussy action.. the nurse said got to be patient feeding him. When I feed him, he always fussy, but when the nurse gave him the bottle, he will drink. Due to poor latching method, I seldom latch him only ard thrice a week if I managed to latch him. Jus now, when I gave him the bottle, he did the same fussy thingy and I forced him to drink. He gave in and drank 70ml..He supposed to drink 100ml..So I tried to latch and he sucked...My supply is always low, ard 10 to 30ml each pump. He is very hungry but still refusing bottle. Anyone faced the same as me?

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Actually my boy too, when around 2 months. We changed the teat for Pigeon to size M but not the teat for avent cos avent bottle flow is faster. Then he again started fussing when drinking in late 2months, around 3 months. P.D. said normal around 3 months to get fussy and fight when drinking because they get distracted, and also their growth rate slows down so they don’t need as much milk. So I’m just going to monitor and check in again when I see P.D. next month.

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Hi there, I’ve faced the same issue with breast milk and feeding. I tried to change teat for my boy cause we found out that it may be too slow for him and he’s better now. We also tried dr brown bottle cause it has a softer teat and he’s also okay. So you can consider trying either of it. Hope it helps!

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Hi... you might find this article informative

Try another bottle. My LO refused Avent. Gave her Pigeon and stick til now.

Try another feeding position and a different corner/room to feed milk.

What did the doc prescribe or advise for thrush and acid reflux?

I’m having the same issue now... 3month old as well

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Im using pigeon and baby likes it better

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Maybe feed via feeding cup