My baby keep crying non stop and drink like 20 ml milk only compare to his normal 120ml~ Thursday I bring him for injection and he got fever for like 2 days. Today he keep crying since yest night and drink very little formulas but when I breast feed him he still will drink but my supply is low so normally I need to top up formula, but till today he never drink much formula~I m not sure if he is teething ~ anyone got this experienced?

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This is what I've read. Fever is one of the possible reactions to some vaccinations. For example, after having the MMR vaccine, your child may develop a fever about one week after being vaccinated. And for chicken pox vaccine, your child may develop fever and rashes 1 to 2 weeks later. Usually, the nurse will provide approved fever medication and post vaccination advice on managing the common reactions to the vaccination. If you baby’s fever persist after 24 hours or if he/she is persistently crying, have fits or have inflammation at the injection site, better bring your baby to the doctor for further checks. You may what to ring up your doctor for some advice, or bring your baby down if he is still crying non stop. Really hope he feels better soon. :(

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i don't know exactly how old your baby is or what vaccination was given, but yes, fever and crankiness and sometimes even a loss of breastfeeding is common after a vaccination. if the fever does not subside in the next 2 3 days please speak to the doctor. in the meanwhile, feed your baby as per demand, whenever he wants. feed your milk and if he is still hungry then try the formula. you can also keep massaging his gums if you suspect he is teething

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How high is his temperature? If it is above 39 degrees and he has been having this for 3 days now, you might want to see the PD. Any reactions on the injection site? He may not be drinking much now because he is uncomfortable. Try to make him comfortable by dressing him lightly or by gently sponging him. And also, keep on making him latch as he needs all the fluid he can get.

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my LO at 6 months became very cranky and very sleepy after his jab this morning. been sleeping and if I wake him up for no reason he get so mad. crying non stop.

Is he having a fever? Usually post vaccination will be cranky. If he wants to latch, let him latch. Latching will stimulate more supply.

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Cranky and lack of appetite is very common for post vaccination. give them a few more days. Latching also gives him comfort