LO cries after every feeding

hi mummies, i’m a little concerned over my 4mo bb. he cries really badly after every feeding, but the moment he burps, he is okay again and back to his happy self. he currently drinks abt 130ml of ebm every 4 hours. initially we thought he was still hungry so we tried increasing his milk intake... but he will end up vomitting the milk. he also is still able to last abt 4 hours till the next feed with us maintaining at 130ml so we’re not sure if hunger is the issue behind his cries, or he is just uncomfortable with the gas. any one has faced a similar issue or has any advice? tia! #1stimemom

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Maybe you can try to up his teat size? He may be taking in too much wind while drinking, also you can try to add in ridwind drops or give him gripe water.