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does swelling feet during 3rd trimester is common? can it be prevented?

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My hands and feet were insanely swollen! I was advised to elevate my feet and wear open-toed shoes or sandals. Honestly it didn't really get better haha but it went back to normal after delivery. Just try to live with it I guess

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thanks for the answer, I guess when it's already swollen, there's no way to reduced it unless after give birth. On my last pregnancy I had my feet swollen, this pregnancy I'm hoping not to have it again cos it feels unhealthy, so I guess the only way is to prevent before it swelling, just entered 33 weeks and try cutting salt and sleep mostly with my feet elevated now. 😊

Yes, very common. Drink more water, reduce your salt intake and when you sit down or rest, elevate your feet by keeping a cushion underneath.

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Try not to walk around so much and keep your feet elevated. If possible, can soak them in warm water. Or ice packs if you prefer that.

It is common. Reduce ur salt intake. Elevate ur legs at night before sleeping using a pillow for at least half an hour.

My this part swell. Pain when I walk too, like you sprained your feet those kind of pain. I'm 38w now. No idea why, it started around 1w+ ago

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foot massage and elevate yur leg