Does learning too many languages affect the learning ability of child in anyway especially Mandarin since it's quite hard to learn. I am not sure if my 4 yr old should learn Mandarin in school. Will it be too hectic for him to learn a difficult language along with all the homework ?

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it is okay as long as your son have interest on it. kids learn faster then adults. maybe u thought it is tought for him but it is his learning process. unless u see his reputation didnt increase much and he is stress, then u should do something.. im ex chinese shcool students. and as far as i remember, i learn much from chinese friends since we communicate in Mandarin in school.. it just happen naturally. Fyi, my parents is not Mandarin speaker.

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kids who speak multiple languages have sharper cognitive skills and are able to focus and retain better. it is especially true of children before they turn 6, as they are at their highest point of grasping. if you feel your child already has a lot of homework and has a busy time at home after school, you can try enrolling him in a language class for may be 2 or 3 days a week and see how it goes.

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It is always good for kids to learn more new languages. For young kids they learn very fast in the environment. In Singapore, learning chinese in School is based on immersion and I am sure your kid will pick up very fast. In addition, your kid will be able to communicate to people in Singapore in Mandarin since most of the residents here are Chinese Speaking.

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Almost all school-going children in Singapore are bilingual as they learn both their Mother Tongue and English. If you're referring to a third language, there's absolutely no problem at all. Children absorb very quickly. You can use this boy as motivation! 10 langauges at the age of 10.

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It is found that for children below the ages of 5 and 6, their ability to pick up a new language is at their prime. So, if anything, now is probably a good time for your child to pick up another language. It will be easier now as compared to when he/she is older.

a lot of kids struggle. the most effective way is to speak with them. let's say morning English, afternoon mandarin.

No, it's good for memory and focus, and multi language learn to serve this economic