Hi, I'm sure P1 reg is on everyone's mine at this stage for our now 5 year olds. While we decide on which school our child should go to, I am also deciding on whether my son should take up Mandarin or take it as a 3rd language instead. There's not much information out there on this and it makes all difficult to make such decisions. The reason why I am considering Mandarin for my son is because he is taking up Mandarin in preschool and his teachers informed that he showed keen interest in the language and picks them up very well. Any advice?

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You can call up the school to find out more about the mandarin program. If there is an opportunity for your kid to learn chinese, you should strongly go for it. It will be an advantage to master another language especially when he or she start working.

nice to know yr child is picking up language well, Katy! we hardly speak Mandarin at home and my child's teacher said we really should expose her more to help her develop an interest in it. Give it a shot, I'd say! And see where it takes him :)

If it's not too much on his plate. Since he has showed interest to the language it may be easier and something fun to him that he will enjoy. It's always good to let them exposed to more languages.