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I have a almost 2 years old son and 10 months old daughter that will be taking mandarin classes. Generally, we’re not a mandarin speaker but I would like my kids to learn and become a native speaker. Is it alright thou? Like will it be too hard on them or they can easily catch up at this age? I have a friend who is not Chinese but she’s a native speaker, she told me that her mom send her classes from the very beginning and she continued until secondary. I honestly cannot catch up at this age 😅 Although, I really want to learn Mandarin. I have a thing for languages, you see.

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I read somewhere that kids absorbs the best below the age of 4/6 (I forgot) so it should be fine for them? 😃 It will also be easier for them once they go to school and everyone around them starts speaking in mandarin. I feel you! Always wanted to learn Dutch and Korean but god bless my brain. 😂

why nt! but good to have her converse in mandarine so that it will not just be a theory based learning. maybe u can ask her to teach u and learn along!

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I think it’s fantastic to teach your kids mandarin! Definitely support them on learning a new language, even if it’s not one your familiar with.

Kids can easily become multilingual if you start them early. learning a language becomes more difficult as you age.


we converse in english at home & started our kids in chinese enrichment starting K1