Should I get my 4 year old child to learn Hanyu Pinyin (Mandarin phonics)?

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Normally HYPY will be introduced when the child enters Kindergarten 2 (K2), after they establish a good english phonics foundation. If HYPY is introduced too early, it might cause confusion in the child where the PIN YIN are very similar to Phonics. For me, chinese words recognition is more important than knowing how to read the HYPY as learning Chinese is different from learning other language. If reliance too much on HYPY it will cause child unable to read Chinse words without HYPY.

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Super Mum

I got a book on Shopee for my 3 year old which allows you to press buttons and a Chinese lady teaches all the han yu pin yin phonics sounds. Less than $10. Seriously amazing, and my LO’s Chinese pronunciation improved so much after that. 4 years old isn’t too young to start learning, if your child’s interested. They absorb information like sponges, and pressing buttons is fun too 😂

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I think 4 year old is still too young to learn Hanyu Pinyin. Relax daddy! Your child is still young. Let him/her enjoy their childhood. Life is going to be more stressful once they start primary school so I think they should enjoy being a child for now.

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Chinese character more important than hanyu pinyin