I wanted my kid to learn mandarin in his school and he is actually enjoying it now, but the problem is I do not know mandarin, so it becomes really difficult for me to support him with his homework. I feel that I am hindering his learning in this way. What should I do?

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I have heard Mandarin is a difficult language as compared to say, French, German or Spanish etc. I suggest if you do not know the language either you can hire a tutor or assuming that your kid must be a beginner, so you can also learn with him. See yourself, too, be a student as him and for guidance, you can check with his teacher at school, if they provide fliers, or guide books to learn the language, or take personal classes. Nowadays a lot of information is available on the Internet. Take it as an opportunity for yourself also to learn the language. http://freenuts.com/learn-chinese-online-for-free/

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I have a friend who doesn't speak and understand Chinese Language always seek help from friends who understand Chinese Language, through Whatsapp Mummies support group. Also you can join Facebook groups such as Primary School/Preschool Parent Group to seek help in Chinese Language.

If your son is into it, this presents an opportunity for you to have a shared activity to bond over! :) Might be great to learn it with him. If the homework gets really tough, you could consider tuition classes, maybe? :)

Personally i think you can hire a tutor. Or send your child to tuition class. According to my experience most of the parents will hire a tutor .