Do you bring gadget to bed when you are with your spouse?

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Oh dear, I am guilty of bringing either my mobile phone or laptop to bed. Mobile phone so I can finally catch up on my series (watch them on the netflix app) and my laptop when I have sudden inspiration for my thesis and need to type it out. He brings his iPad to watch silly YouTube videos before he goes to sleep haha. We're two of a kind and have no problems with the other bringing electronics to bed. But we multi-task and talk about our day, cuddle.

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we used to actually bring our laptops to bed, and by the time we were done with work, there was barely any energy left to even say goodnight. thankfully, we have completely banished the laptop from the bed, and the only gadget we have is the phone, which also is kept next to the bed now.

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Guilty as charged! I bring my laptop to bed, if I've taken some work home. But otherwise I take my cell to the bed, only to keep it back on the nightstand after sometime. But despite using the gadgets, I and my husband manage to spend ample time together.

yes we do bring our cell phones to bed, but that is mainly to check on the alarms for the morning, as well as finish off any pending messages that need to be returned. post that, they go off on the night stand for charging :)

I only bring my phone to bed and so does he. We are living in the time where electronics will always be by our side so it is kind of hard to avoid. Despite using our phones, we will still chat about our day.

Yes, sometimes I do bring my laptop or tab to the bed if in case I am working or reading some stuff. But otherwise, I always bring my cell to the bed. (Being a techie can't avoid it)

my husband brings his i-pad to check on important articles and news reports that may have come up in the night, but that too for barely half an hour at the most.

Yes, phone 😅😅😅 never can forget, he read news and i play game 😅