I am dying - Wife wants a baby to remember me by

Diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Doctor gives me tops 1 year to live. We’ve been married for 7 years, no kids. My wife want to get pregnant so she has a child to remember me by when I am gone. I am not sure how I feel. Finances is not a problem for us. Should I say yes?
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I am so sorry to hear that. If my husband is in the same situation as you are, I would want to have a child to remember him by. Also, it represents a part of him, always and forever.
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So sorry to hear that. Perhaps you may discuss with her more and deeply . With all the consideration about upbringing a child in the future. Responsibilities. Emotions. Confidence. Extra hand when i
even if u say yes, will it be that easy for you to give her a child? considering you guys have been married for 7 years without kids.
Talk to her about it and make sure she thinks about the responsibility. If she’s totally aware, why not ♥️
So sorry to hear about it. It is a really big decision to be made. The both of you should really sit down and discuss about it. As it is not only financial that the both of you should considering at,