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Hi may i ask until when u will experience post partum depression? my baby is 1year 3 m now, i feel like i am unappreciated by my husband bec. I am not working and stay at home mom i feel sad everytime he makes me feel like an extra burden. I want to work but as this covid situation my son couldn’t go school yet and I couldn’t bring him home to my country, so my mother will take care while i work, these past months of stay at home mom i feel like i am hating my husband and recent him, when his home, he just prepare to watch his shows or dont want to listen to what i say, hes even more excited if he talks to her daughter/stepdaughter rather than me, i take care of my child everyday, i feel like he sees me as a maid rather than a wife, his daughter is much more like a wife to him than i am, i dont want to feel this way but i feel i recent him even more, like i want to get separated from him but i don’t know how as i am weak at the moment n no job, what shall i do?

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Super Mum

Some mommies do not go through it at all. I am sure it isnt easy especially during this pandemic. Perhaps try to divert the attention on yourself. Take care of yourself. Do things you like and also you might never know, you can try doing small home base business to earn some pocket money. I went through it and started my own online business. Importantly, your mind must stay positive! You can do it! A healthy mommy is a happy mommy. Do what is happy for you.

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2y ago

Thank u, Appreciate your advice