urgent advise!Baby cough badly!

Dear mummies, My 5mth old having a bad cough!i have brought her to PD ,she have no wheezing but her dry cough quite bad.She was given the prospan cough syrup but i havent give her yet.Is it okay to feed her or any safe way to ease her coughing ??

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I think that’s the only cough syrup that PDs give. If you’re scared to give it too much, how about you give it once first and see whether she’s better? Must be quite tiring for your LO to keep coughing too. Also, avoid air con, second hand smoke/ancestral burning areas, keep her room air moist and cool, ensure she’s well hydrated and fed and that she sleeps well. Hope she gets well soon:)

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2y ago

Thank u so much for ur advise.greatly appreciated.luckily me and hubby are non smokers.☺️☺️

Is she having issue with feeding or sleeping? If not then just continue with the cough med that pd prescribe. For my lo case is wheezing plus phlegm in lungs and affected feeding g so hospitalised for 4 days for nebuliser and oxygen at 5 mths

2y ago

Hi she drink and sleep as per normal but her cough is crazy

If doctor prescribe then its safe. Then try rubbing vicks for babies at the chest area and feet when sleeping. It helps

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Hi! The medicine should be ok if pd prescribed it. Dehumidifier might help him if you sleep in ac room.

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Yes prospan is safe for babies, do give the medicine to your baby soon.

2y ago

Thank u .i am really very stress because the cough is loud and hard.she is only baby but it sound like adult cough and no one smokes in my family😭😭

Hey, It should be safe since the doctor prescribed it

It should be safe since the doctor prescribe it.

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since its prescribe by pd. it shld be safe

Believe the Dr.