Dear parents i would like to seek advise. My lo is 5mo and just had a bout of flu 3 weeks ago and we brought her to see a pd and she recovered for a week and now block nose and coughing with phelgm again...when i suck out her mucus this time its yellowish. I still have leftover med from last round..shd i give the med again or shd i monitor if she can recover on her own? Or shd i bring to pd again? I dont wish that a small baby take so much medication..prefer natural healing...but is yellowish mucus a big concern? She dont cough as much during the day..but night time cough more and nose more block. Attached a pic of her mucus... Also i am still breastfeeding only giving last feed fm...wonder why her immunity is so low that she get sick 2 mths in a row..... Thanks in advance!

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I did give her the old medi from the previous round...and monitor... if after 2 days of taking the same.medi never recover then bring her back to PD for a check.. normally is due to flu that cause them to cough.. so we tackle their flu first... and they are too young to take too many medi...please give her the flu medi which is normally zrytec drop and infant illadin to drip dry her nose... that should solve it within 3 to 4 days.... they will still cough with phlegm sound.. is ok.... as that take longer to clear....give her more water... so she can flush down the phlegm... you can use apparatus to help her with the mucus... however....if still in doubts think best to see PD

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Here is an article with the life cycle of a flu: Typically, when the mucus is yellowish or crusty, the cold is about to have ran its course. My cousin usually only gives the medication when baby is still having runny nose and stop once it goes into the middle phase. Breastfeeding would definitely help strengthen the baby’s immunity. That being said, her body is still developing and building her immune system, exposure to the outdoor elements and other environmental factors will still make her vulnerable to various virus, bacteria or infection. Hope she feels better soon! Take care of yourself too mummy!

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7y ago

thanks alot for this! i hope she recover on her own seems like shes midway through her cold...waking up often at night due to blocked nose n phelgmy cough..other than that no other major discomfort during the day and still drinking well...