Hi, my 3yrs old just recovered from high fever.. when we went to the doc, she is no having any cough so doc didn't prescribe any cough med.. now that she recovered from high fever, she is having a cough.. do i have to bring her to the doc? What medication off the shelf i can give her? Or any home cough remedy i can try?

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Hi, You can give her a concoction of basil leaves, ginger and honey. Boil 2 cups of water and add basil leaves and ginger to it. Let it boil till it becomes half a cup. Let it cool a little and add honey in it. You can give this to your baby three four times, 2 spoons. http://www.today.com/parents/your-little-one-sick-these-home-remedies-will-quiet-your-t73261 http://www.webmd.com/cold-and-flu/cough-home-remedies-babies-toddlers

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Did she recover from any flu along with her high fever? If she did, it could be the mucus backflow that is causing the cough. I dont like to give cough syrup to kids as it is not safe. You can try using nasal spray. It will help to wash down and dislodge any mucus stuck in the airways that lead to the throat. After a few spray,use a a anot sucker. this method usually helps my toddler into going into a full blown bad coughing fit

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You can bring your child to unity. If she is having cough, i personally give Prospan. Prospan is made of natural ingredients. You can take a look at it. If it is just cough, i wouldnt bring to the doctor. Best medicine for cough, is rest and water.

I feel it is best to see the dr again to get the correct medicine n dosage for your girl. I would not risk taking off the shelf medicine for young toddler

Prospan. And I make barley porridge and give barley drinks.