My 5month old having flu. She have been sneezing and will it cause her to cough? when she cough she does not have the pleghm sound. what can i do? should i bring her to see the pd again or is there any natural remedies?

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If she has phlegm, you would be able to hear it in her cough. Otherwise, she could be having a dry cough. Keep her well hydrated with WATER (not any other type of drink with sugar etc), and it will help with the cough a lot. If you are worried and unsure, definitely send her to the docs!! Here are some cough remedies:

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Try to remove the mucus from her nose if any. Do observe yr lo and always trust yr gut feelings. If still unwell after 2-3 weeks, pls see yr pd again. Medication is usually not advisable. I normally use salone drops or nasal spray to ease the congestion or running nose.

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7y ago

Put her slightly down like drinking milk position.