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Heart Burns
20 weeks pregnant what can I use for heartburns I couldnt sleep last night till now...
Heart burn issue If you are ok to fresh milk, chocolate milk , ( not too sweet) , lemon water, infused water, mints , healthy snacks , fruits juice or fruits or any thing can ease your heart burn.
Bad Cravings
First thing after Labour is a redbull energy drink the craving of its everyday is killing me especially knowing I can't have it till the baby is born 🙆🙆What is your worse and no go zone craving?
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Experiencing Headache
I'm experiencing headache on my early second trimester any advice I was in hospital give me panado only
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Yes panadol. And lots of water and rest. Neck massages too. Use your phone/computer less (eye strain also worsens headache)
Morning moms I'm 18 weeks pregnant what can I use for constipation please help
my belly temperature
I am six weeks pregnant but my belly temperature becomes so high at night just the belly that I need to undress is it normal please help