Dads, when you get home from work, do you still spend time playing with your kids before going to bed?

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For my hubby, glad to see him now catching up with our daughter soon as he gets home (he used to be not like that *answered prayers* LOL). For me it's a must for every parent especially those who are working and or those new parents cos it's one way of taking care of the relationship that we have and needed to grow and cherish.

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Hubby makes it a point to spend time with kids even after a hectic day at the office. What he usually do is to read them bed time stories. He said it is his duty because he is always out for work and has less time on weekdays to bond with the kids. But, he usually makes up for it on weekends by going out with them.

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he's indeed a great dad. you're blessed.

Yes, as much as possible, I always see to it na nakakapag-spend ako ng time sa baby girl ko bago matapos ang maghapon. Balewala ang trabaho, pagod at pera kapag malayo naman ang loob ng anak mo sayo. Yung time na iniispend mo kasama ang pamilya mo, yung ang pinaka importanteng investment sa lahat. :)

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as much as possible yes. Since I worked during the night. Once I got home my daughter is already eating her breakfast or playing around the house. before I go to sleep during the day I will be the one to bathe her and I will let her bring her toys and spend some kulit time while I'm cleaning her.

Yes, everyday if possible sometimes 1hour at least will do, they love it and they always look forward to spending time with you more than looking forward sa pasalubong and I take that opportune time to talk to them heart to heart after playing.

Yes. That's my reward after a long looong day. If my daughter is already asleep, i lay beside her and spend minutes, or as long ng as i can, just gently kissing her and sniffing the top of her head. Best stress reliever ever.

Yes, whenever I can. But oftentimes, I see him tucked in bed, ready to get some sleep. So I would just drop by to his room and have a little chitchat about his day just so he'll feel he isn't left out by his dad.

My baby usually wait for me. Kahit gabihin ako. She is 6 months old. She don't sleep and waited for me to play with her then after 20 to 30 min. Umuungot na gusto na duyan to slip. Hehehe

Kahit anong pagod ko, this is something i won't dare to miss. It's something the boys look forward to everyday. Aside from the play, we also do our devotional before going to bed.

Yes ofcourse even im tired from work i really tried to spend time with them ,our fave thing to do at home is we play habulan with kids.