Transparency in Personal Savings in Marriage

Currently pregnant with first child. I have a few savings that I segregate for child, myself and joint Acc with hubby. I know I have a lot more savings than my hubby cos he is transparent with me. He shows me how much he has in his bank acc but I can’t bring myself to show him the amount of money that I have in my personal bank acc that I saved for myself and child all these while. Arrangement is I put “dollar to dollar” matching with him in our joint baby acc. He usually give me lump sum and I matched my own savings it. Part of me is afraid that if he knows I have a lot more, he’ll be “complacent”. I always emphasized to him that having a kid in Sg is not cheap and savings is very important. Cost of living in SG is not cheap. Not that I don’t trust him but between me and him, he tends to spend more while I’m now more thrifty knowing I’ll give birth in a few months’ time. He gives me a little bit of money each month though. Are u guys transparent enough with each other and show how much each person has in own savings? Am I being selfish/bad wife?

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Every couple manages money differently.. I don’t think I can tell you what to do. My husband and I have a joint account. We put the salary in there, and we spend from there. We didn’t bother closing our individual accounts, but everything is transparent, because we plan to be together for life. But that’s us.

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Everyone has their own ways in doing stuff, so please don’t see yourself as a bad wife. I know you’re just doing it for the sake of your child! As for me, we are transparent with our savings. But yes, my husband is definitely more spendthrift than I am. But the line is drawn, and he budgets it out well.

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I didnt really show my savings to my husband. To me its like my personal saving and didnt find the need to disclose everything to him. Each of us should have our own personal things that we do not need to disclose. However if he didnt have enough i will confirm help him out.

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While everyone manages money differently, me and hubby do not have any joint account, but we share and update our figures in a excel sheet transparently for monthly review. As we hope to grow our networth together

Yea agree with others that every couple has different ways in managing their finances. Do what you feel you’re comfortable with :)

Just keep it this way. No need for him to know everything. Keep that aside as reserves for you and your child for a rainy day.

Just keep this way. Otherwise open another account to keep the rest to put him at ease. I am like tis too.

it’s really okay not to share your savings with husband.

Yes it’s ok