My colleagues and boss is not giving me support

Currently in my 3rd trimester and feeling very very tired, had my vaccination for whooping cough and got a fever , took unpaid leave , but boss and colleague is not happy about it , I’m very stressful at my work place , hv to see ppl face to take leave / MC / HL whenever I’m not well , I really just counting down for my maternity and I just want to get out of my workplace fast. It’s making me stressful and unhappy for the whole of my pregnancy.

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Super Mum

It’s ur entitlement so they should not be unhappy with you. Do not be stressed and enjoy your pregnancy.

Super Mum

It’s our entitlement and most important thing at the moment is the child so don’t care about them

Awww thanks all mummies !! If only you all are my colleagues / boss .. 😂

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It’s our entitlement! Just ignore and get what you deserve

focus more on baby and your health its more important dear..

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Just mind about your baby and ignore those bad people

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ignore them, just take leave if u r not feeling well

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Endure. ML coming soon (: Gd luck n all the best

Yeah ignore them, family first

focus on your pregnancy