Going back to work after maternity leave

Dear all would like to hear from you on how you manage to assimilate back into work after maternity leave. My boss has been supportive in that she does not email or connect with me post my maternity leave. But she has also been trying to reorg the team and potentially change my scope without letting me know. My colleagues at my level are mostly mums of older kids and I’m not so close to them. Feeling a bit jittery so any advice would be helpful thanks :).

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I feel there isn’t much you can do with the worrying at this point. Have sufficient rest and time with your baby while you can. When you return you will be recharged to accept whatever challenges that comes along. I’m sure you’ll do fine after some adapting (;

You can always email your boss and ask her to brief you about any changes to your role so that you can be ready when you get back to work.