Worried with no sign of baby coming out...

Currently 38 to 39 weeks pregnant, but there is still no signs of baby coming out... Gynaecologist says that by the 40 weeks if there is still no signs they will do a scan for water bag water level. And 41 week will induce, should i be worried? Sorry first time mummy here...
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First time mommy usually will be at week 40 (or onwards) I was induced at 40+1. It’s totally fine, not to worry about.
Trust ur gynae. He know u the best
Same here. 38weeks and 5 days...still closed cervix,patiently waiting😊,thou kinakabahan. more squat
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Don't worry, your gynae knows best what to do
Sane here, I'm 38 weeks and still no signs of baby coming out soon. My OB gave me primrose oil to soften the cervix.