Worried with no sign of baby coming out...

Currently 38 to 39 weeks pregnant, but there is still no signs of baby coming out... Gynaecologist says that by the 40 weeks if there is still no signs they will do a scan for water bag water level. And 41 week will induce, should i be worried? Sorry first time mummy here...
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Hey nothing to worry at all, your doctor was just letting you know the procedure. Most pregnancies last between 37 to 42 weeks. If you have not given birth by 42 weeks, there are greater health risks
Ang dami nating naghihintay ng right moment! Nakakapagod na din kasi ang bigat ng tummy. Ang hirap din ng pa-alis alis for check up with ob.
Same sis nakakainip na talaga
I'm 40 weeks today and no signs yet of labour..
39 weeks and 5cm na po ako pero di po ako naglalabor. ok lng po ba un or wala po ba epekto sa baby .
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Mine was born on the edd (40 weeks)