Anyone delivered after week 40 or 41 naturally?

I’m closing to week 41 and still no signs of baby coming out naturally. Anyone delivered after week 40-41 naturally without induce? Is this common for 1st time mum?

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Pls monitor babies movement and speak to your doctor. Babies post 40 weeks have a very high chance of still birth. Would definitely consider inducing.

Yup! I delivered a week late at 41 weeks, vaginal delivery. Just waited until my body was ready and contractions began. It’s normal, due dates are just estimates anyway.


Just keep in close coordination with your doctor to monitor baby movement. Sometimes first time mums deliver between 40-41 week

I induced earlier before like about 39 weeks cos I was too tired but induce may not be successful. U can try

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I actually went induce as I afraid that I will have the contraction when I’m not in hospital.

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I’m a first time mum, give birth close to 40 weeks too, natural birth. Jiayou!