Week 39 + 6 no signs of labour

I am 39 weeks + 6 days today but there is no signs of labour. I walk a lot and try to do squats etc but baby still doesn’t want to come out. Baby is kicking inside. I am going for my appointment later. I am worried about everything. Should I get doctor to induce?

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I’m 39wks + 5days still have no sign of labour. Try to walk a lot. Go up and down staircase still the same. I’m so worried. I don’t want to get Induce.

12mo ago

maybe try to eat lotsof dates.

I induced at 41 weeks, ended with an emergency cesarean because my cervix refuse to open. Baby is two weeks now!

Thanks guys for replying. My baby is 2 months old now :) I had emergency c sect at week 40.

Your gynae will advise you best. But most prob , gynae will ask to induce at wk40 alrd

Usually at 40 weeks, the dr will tell you to induce

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Go for brisk walks