Craving food with salad veg

Hi all! Currently 10w +, and I have an immense craving for Subway sandwiches and Stuff’d burrito bowls, both containing a good amount of fresh salad veggies. I’m wary that salad greens sold outside may not be washed thoroughly. Any mommies-to-be with the same dilemma and any solutions/replacement?

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I havent had any side effects eating from those shops before even before pregnancy. And they are quite reputable too.. so i wont be worried about the hygiene part.

I had the same dilemma, my friend. So I resorted to eating subway n stuff’d burritos without any veggies to play safe 😂

3y ago

🤔 ya but Subway sandwiches with no raw veg is like... anyway thanks for sharing. In fact I caved and had a Stuff’d burrito bowl the other day, but didn’t eat the veg.


I love the salads at Cedele. They're very wholesome and packed with veggies, grains and other yummy things.

Mayb homemade salad is safer

3y ago

Yes I guess so, since I just the vegetable wash at home for my vegetables. Shall DIY!