Coleslaw And Salad

Dear mummies Is it safe to eat coleslaw? I've been craving for it badly.. Also if I eat subway, the veggie is considered raw. Is it safe to eat too? Now 8 weeks

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I eat subway for lunch most of the time coz it's the only thing I can stomach. Eat in moderation!

I ate it during first trimester.. Now at week 20.. Eat a little is fine.

First trimester I think play safe and avoid as much as possible

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I avoided salad as don't know if the veges are clean when raw

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Yes. You can eat everything you crave in moderation

I eat anything I want.. nve bother too much..

Don’t eat too much as it’s raw.

As long moderation should be ok.

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try not to eat too much

Try not to eat too much