need gift ideas

any cool gift ideas for my dad's 60th birthday?

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Happy birthday to him! I would suggest something personalised of that he likes. If sports- jersey. If generic then make him a dairy compiling his journey over 60 years and photos and personalised notes from near and dear ones

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Can get something that is related with his hobby or interest. If nothing particular then probably just bring him out for a great meal and an angpao to symbolise good luck?

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60th birthday i will just give $$ for him to use it. I bought too many things every year . Things that i dont buy is watch, shoe, clock. I m very pantang on those.

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Buy him an experience with you participating too! Eg go for pottery class together, art jamming, fishing

hi....y not give pendant clock or mayb u can customised his potret or his grandson/daughters.

A smart watch or a paid holiday trip would be an awesome gift 💝 (depending on your budget😜

3y ago

Thanks for advice😀

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Maybe have a chat with him on where he would like to visit but have not been able to...

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Surprise him with something that he’s eyeing on for a long time...

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A trip maybe. I belive he would love to spend quality time tgt

Get a cake full of cash inside. You can try to google it!