Birthday Gift Ideas

Any unique gift ideas for Husband's 30th?

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A birthday is not about gifts only. It is about letting that person knows how much you loves him as his wife and treat him as a husband. A hearty and warm meal date. Home-cook or date to the restaurant or even Macdonald. Spend quality time together. Communicate with each other more. Greet each other more. Pleased each other more. Most Husbands are simple minded and easy-going. What they needs are "Pampering From Their Wife". Wife always pamper their children. Now it is time to pamper the husbands. 😊😉🎂

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How about a bottle of his favourite drink (wine/liquor) from year of his birth. This was presented to me and I still talk about it to this day 10 years later!

Depend his character... Mayb a wallet? More to practical and will be using everyday

Something personalised. Maybe get videos from all near and dear ones?

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Gym membership and personal trainer so he can stay healthy!

Is a date night unique enough? :p Ask him!

a nice staycation or a weekend getaway

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Staycation or vacation nearby resort

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Maybe plan a special night with him

Wallet, and a nice watch :)