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Hi just to check pregnant can drink cold drink ? Like ice milo ?

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Hello, I was told to avoid because it may weaken baby's immunity. However, that is one of my cravings! 😓 I am in my 2nd trimester now and I try to take more warm water instead.. I still love some cold water during my meals

Once or twice ok. But not too often. Old wives' tale from my grandmother - Cold drinks will make our womb cold, stomach ache easily. Might cause baby to have asthma also.

Yes! But not too often and not too much. Gives me tummy upset when I drank cold drinks cos I wasn't quite used to it. Ur body will tell you how much is too much :)

I drink cold drinks(even plain water) almost everyday for both pregnancy, everything turns out fine. Whats important is you watch the sugar in your diet.

Yup... i was craving for milo esp iced milo in the beginning and had it everyday. In fact i drink anything thati feel like drinking.


Yes. I was drinking cold drinks all the way since day 1 till 38th weeks when I gave birth to my baby. No problem.

I drink cold drinks esp after lunch. But will try to ask for less ice. If bubble milk tea I will order “no ice”.


During my last trimesters I had ice milo daily. Its OK to drink ribena milo sprite (no caffeine drinks)

My body gets heaty during pregnancy. I perspire profusely so I do take non iced cold water and drinks.

Yes but depend on your beliefs some ppl will stop cold water cause it might cause asthma for the baby