Drinking Cold Milk

I am already 17 weeks pregnant. I would like to check if is ok to drink cold milk. Just take it out from the fridge and drink only. You know how chinese is pantang abt try not to drink so much cold drinks during pregnant.

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My method to ease my mind is to add abit of hot water to the milk so its not as cold b4 it reaches my tummy. Or another way I learned is to hold the cold liquid in my mouth for 10secs before swallowing. I realise what we need is the cold water to soothe our dry mouth not really the feeling of it being swallowed. Unless ure really dehydrated, start by gulping down room temperature water first to quench the thirst then try the keep the cold water in mouth method then slowly swallow bit by bit. It works for me!

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I will usually avoid. However with the weather so hot, I understand it's not easy to survive without cold drinks. Lol... So what I will usually do is I will take the cold drink out from the fridge & let it rest on the table for 3-5mins before drinking.

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I craved on ice creams and ice kachangs through my pregnancy as such did not cause any harm , jus need to be careful abt the time of consuming maybe

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Actually milk cannot put room temp for too long also as it might turn bad. What i did was i put out awhile not be not so cold before drinking it.


Honestly I had cold icy drinks throughout my pregnancy until the last day when I gave birth at 38weeks to a healthy boy. No issues.

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It's fine and safe to have cold drink. I liked to drink cold drinks when I was pregnant and doctor said it's fine.😊😊

Hi, Drinking cold milk is perfectly fine but try to have it in moderation so that you don't catch cold etc.

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It’s ok to drink , anything too much is not good . I too drink cool drinks cool milk but occasionally

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Why cannot have cold drinks ah? Lol i just drank. But normal drinking water i prefer room temperature

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Depends on how pantang are you. I don’t really follow. 😂.