soo thirsty

My second trimester i dont always feel hungry .. but i feel soooo thirsty .. even though i already drink plain water .. only ice cold drink helps .. but i heard its not good to drink cold drinks . Any mom experience the same n have a way to overcome it ?

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Same here as when i am still in my early stage/trimester of pregnancy i usually just drink cold ice green tea but now my 2nd or 3rd trimester i started to like to drink cold soda it just makes me feel so shiock but then i actually trying to not drinks almost everyday but i fail to do so but now i am trying another way by pouring half or 1 cup of soda put at one side to let it cool down then i drink

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Firstly try not to take carbonated, second u tend to be more thirsty as ur body is more heaty during pregnancy I Guess, third, have u taken the glucose test? How was ur result? If it’s all fine u can cancel this possibly out but if not, usually people with GD or diabetic can get more thirsty then normal.

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I live in thailand... and it's so hot here. I go for cold water only and my baby is all normal and healthy ... in my second trimester as well 😊 you can go for little cool water but don't go for chilled one. Just to avoid cold and flu.

I think cold plain water is fine, i’ve asked my gynae he say no issue. Dont drink sweet drinks or carbonated drinks can alr. Im drinking cold plain water for the entire 9mths of pregnant 😅

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Cold drinks is fine:) if you’re worried about high sugars, just drink cold water to quench your thirst. Carbonated drinks will make you even more thirsty.

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Thank uu

Same. I can’t really drink warm water as my thirst won’t quench. Therefore i just whack cold drinks. But not sodas tho

Hi, Yes this craving is normal. Having cold drinks in moderation is fine but mostly try to have water at room temperature

I always had cold lime or orange juice in my first trimester, then cold drinks every now and then till now 🥰

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It's normal , you can drink cold drinks but in moderation. Best to drink room temperature water. Take care!

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see if you're into tcm. I drank cold my entire pregnancy. sg is too warm and pregnancy makes it worse.