Can we drink cold drinks?

Hi. I’m still 11w pregnant but everyday my friends wi keep telling me to not drink cold drinks with ice. I don’t have it often. But just curious, are we not allowed to drink with ice at all? Like can we also drink bubble tea? #FTM

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I drink whatever that helps to make me feel less nauseated, and that includes cold drinks haha. During week 6-9 my nausea was damn terrible so everyday would have to drink some form of cold drink like coke or ribena to calm my stomach. So far doesn’t make me have cramps or anything like that. Warm drinks tend to make me feel full and bloated and want to vomit.

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on my first pregnancy i drank cold water everyday. i couldn't take plain water in room temperature as i'll puke out but i could have it like super cold. also throughout the nine months, i've had cold teas, milos, bubbletea and green tea too. but if you wanna stay on the safe side, maybe not too much(?) i don't see the reason behind it.

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In Singapore, I can never survive without ice water with the hot climate! Given that we can’t drink ice water during confinement, I drink it whenever I need them now, haha. For bubble tea we need to control the intake because of the sugar contain :)

I still do occasionally but not on a daily basis maybe once every 2-3 days? but I try to take as much of plain water as possible because bubble tea can be fattening and does not have much nutrients but once a while to indulge shd be okay!

I c TCM, n doc ask me to try to avoid if possible. However, once a while is OK. Jus ask for less ice will do. For me I got sinus problem, doc explain avoid cold stuff will help improve it n also not pass it to the baby.

I drink cold drink w ice everyday. It's the only way I'll drink water. I think it's fine as long as it keeps you hydrated.

It is to refrain from causing uterus contraction. Once a while, not too often shouldn’t be a very big issue 😊

I drink lime juice with ice whenever I crave and prevent nauseous, coconut water feels good too. I'm at week 11.

I drink it but in minimal and not everyday to avoid falling sick. But as you know hot weather = cold water.

i drink everyday too!