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Maternity Waist Band
Hi mamas and dadas, do you put maternity waist band during any of your trimesters and when do you start putting it?
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I don’t but I used corset after confinement
Fake Point System
Your point system is fake.. I can see my 3 points became 1 point in a single day.
Mine is ok
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Mine seems okay
Yea. I realised that too. Apparently must go in to the 'point' every single day in order to maintain and collect the points.
Drinking water during confinement
Hi Mommies, I heard that drinking too much water may cause water retention but don't mummies need water to boost breastmilk?
Can drink warm water. But best to drink red dates longan..
Doing confinement now, been drinking lots of water need it because I'm breastfeeding and help to for constipation
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I did drink because I need to take medication. And longan tea is heaty. Can’t take it
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Was given longan drink, no plain water during confinemeny
U need lots of water especially if u r breast-feeding!
1. Mummies, how long was your confinement and how long you waited before you wash your hair? Anything to share regarding confinement that you believe is effective or useful?
30days confinement, only bath with herbal bath when coming to an end of it. No plain water basically, drink red dates++ water.
28 days! Boil herbal to wash your hair. Try to avoid cold drinks.
28 days Currently on day 1
Confinement is 28days. I use herbal bath, so wash hair together.
Now doing confinement until 28days. I wash hair every other day