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Before i giving birth last month my husband leaving me. And now he come back but i refuse for accept him again. He keep asking me about the baby and he always said he never want to leave me and baby. i just don't understand. What he really want?? he leave me when i really need him more but now why he come back again. i don't know if he really love me and bby or not . It's right for not be with him again??

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the baby will always have a father.u should not stop him from having that bond with his child. as for your relationship with him,its still your choice if u want to be with him or not. try convincing him to go for counselling to work things out. you go counselling to find the core of the problem. for me he should not leave u and baby when u needed him the most but maybe is just scared. i hope you will find a solution to your problems. lots of love ❤❤❤

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it's best to have a good conversation again and think carefully before making the best decision most important for baby