Anti Vaxxer No More!

I want to share my experience how my family got quarantined for two weeks last September, My aunt does not believe in the Covid-19 vaccine, she believes in theories that is until my aunt's mother in law died two days after being tested positive for Covid-19, her son (my aunt's husband) decided to go home for his mother's funeral. Unknowingly he catch the virus when he came home, my aunt said that he wasn't able to taste anything, started to cough and he had a runny nose and unfortunately my aunt was able to catch it also with the same symptoms. Came Thursday September 8th, my son and I went up stairs to visit them and get his hair cut by my cousin, I was not aware that they already been infected by the virus with some luck we was not able to interact with them because they was sleeping at the time. And then to my surprise my mom said that they were both tested positive for Covid-19. We was able to take fast action as we called the health help hotline, we was able to get swabbed (antigen test) just in case, but tested negative and we were not permitted to go outside our home for 14 days. I had all my online purchases dropped at our canteen and got them at night when everyone is sleeping and less people. My mom also called her office to report the situation, she was nervous she thought that if she was infected she will not get fully vaccinated or it will prolong her schedule because she already was done with her 1st dose. I also convinced my younger brother to finally get a schedule for his vaccine. Thankfully after 14 days we was able to get our certificate from the health office via email and was able to go out again. As for my aunt and her husband well they still have the symptoms but was also been cured after 2 months of medication and by that time the whole family was able to convince both of them to take the vaccine and they are now on their 2nd dose. What about you Mommies and Daddies. How did you convinced your family and friends to get vaccinated? Let me know down on the comments.

Anti Vaxxer No More!
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