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My baby just turn 3 months ytd. I notice lately she have been placing her fingers and some cloth in her mouth to suck. Is it time to intro teething toys? Or not yet? Also any other toys to recommend for 3 months? Or no need.

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I intro teether when my boy was around 3 months. Like urs, i also noticed mine to start putting things in mouth, and learning to grip on to things. So i gave him a teether, small soft toy, taggie blanket. Sometimes he is into it, sometimes not, but just something for him to explore and entertain himself. I didnt force him as he is still learning.

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2y ago

Thank you! I shall try cos i realized my LO starts to suck her fingers and her toy too😝

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Teething toys and play gyms with dangling toys/cot mobiles are excellent for this age group:) they also learn hand-eye coordination, to start batting the toy, then later grabbing it, and finally, putting it in the mouth 😅

Our baby turns 3 months in 4 days time. We saw that she would put her fist into her mouth sometimes; it seems to have soothing effect for her so we let her do it except not during her sleep.

My girl is turning 3months old in 2days time. She had been sucking her hand & fingers too. I didn't give her anything. Just remove/take away her hand each time I see her doing that.

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Yes. Could be teething. Could be self soothe

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Rattles, teething toy would be good

Yes can start introducing

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its their normal reflex