Toys For 3 Months Baby

Hi, any recommendation of toys for 3 months and above baby?

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You can try getting cloth books whereby there's texture and it allows the baby to explore different types of textures and sounds. It builds on their sense of touch and auditory skills.

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To me toys for baby is not necessary. However, if you really wish to get the toy for your baby, just 1will do... So far, i feel that read book for them is the best best option.

Baby rattles! You may also find this article useful:

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Rattles. They are sensitive to sound and lights now. Most of the toys indicate the suitable age range.

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Hi... you might find this article informative

u can find from kiddy palace.brands like fisher price etc. rattle toys etc

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Rattles, activity bars etc. You can go check them out at Kiddy Place (:

Rattle toy....they are exploring sounds and colors...

Cloth books, flash cards. In love to read to baby

Cloth books & high contrast flash cards