My girl just turned 5 months and she has been putting everything that she has on her hands to her mouth, does that indicate teething? Lately she is cranky too, is it because of her teething affecting her?

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Same! My LO has been mouthing everything that he can get his hands on. He has also been biting on his fingers and pacifier. He has been drooling a whole lot more too. I give him a variety of things to chew on e.g. teething toys, cloth bibs, small handkerchief.

Yes these are the signs of teething. Try to give her teethers for relaxation

Try giving teethers. It’s normal for them to go thru this stage

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Yah.. when she drools, the tooth is gonna through her gums soon

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Most likely. Give her a cold teether. She will love it.

Yup. She will start drooling soon

2y ago

Yup that's teething.

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Yep..Signs of teething(:

Yes she’s teething :)

sounds like drooling..

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yep, shes teething