Can babies drink cold milk?

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Some babies do not mind drinking cold breastmilk and technically you can go straight from the fridge to baby. But the problem is that it is tougher to get the layer of fatty milk to mix back in the milk when it is cold. Hence, it is recommended to take the chill off by running the bottle under a little hot water or by soaking it for a couple of minutes for the fatty milk to mix into the milk. That layer of fatty milk will satisfy her for longer and helps in healthy weight gain. In addition, baby usually prefer milk that is closer to body temperature. Remember to never heat the baby's milk in the microwave. This can cause "hot spots" in the milk that can burn the baby and high heat destroys some of the nutrients. If possible, let the baby latch as frequent as possible. Direct latching is the best. It helps to produce more milk and it is a form of bonding for mother and baby.

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Like what the rest have mentioned, there is no issue with feeding cold breast milk to a child as long as he/she is alright with drinking it. The nutritional value would not be affected and baby would still benefit from it. It is simply the preference of the baby that will determine if he/she takes to that temperature. You can thaw frozen milk in the fridge by transferring it from the freezer into the refrigerator for 24 hours. Alternatively, you can also place the frozen milk into a bowl of warm water for thawing.

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Not too cold. Most babies prefer it lukewarm. Children usually begin drinking refrigerated drinks like milk, water and juice at 10 to 12 months, but if your child doesn't like cold milk, you can continue warming it up.

I don’t advise cold milk for baby. Their body’s immune are still building up. Cold milk shouldn’t be in their daily diet. However, i feel that is fine to let them have a little of fresh milk at times.

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Yes, babies can drink cold milk. I occasionally feed my daughter milk from the fridge if it's an extremely hot day or if she's howling for milk and there's no time to heat it up.

Like everyone above mentioned, it is okay. However I would try to give warm milk as much as possible. Too much cold drinks are not advised for kids needless to say babies as well.

cold milk as in straight from the fridge? baby ba or toddler? if lo is more than a year old no problem with cold milk. but if they are younger than 6 months no cold milk.

sa dalawang babies ko, i never use hot water for their milk nor cold one from fridge but i use the normal one. it has lots of advantages specially when travelling.

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They can, as long as they milk has not gone bad. But the babies I know all seem to prefer warmed milk. Perhaps they are just used to it.

No issues to feed babies cold breastmilk. But some babies like it warm. You will have to see the preference of your baby.