Can babies drink cold water?

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For babies older than six months, one can start to introduce water (in moderation) to a baby. Having it cold may be a novel experience for him/her. However, be careful not to give too much water to a baby as it has no nutritional value and yet would fill a baby up (which lead to less appetite for milk). Therefore, it is important that the baby is getting sufficient nutrients from milk (regardless breast milk or formula milk) and/or solids (if the baby has started on solids). Avoid flavouring the water with sugar. You can try adding a few drops of fruit juice for a sweeter taste. It is also good to first consult your doctor before introducing water (no matter at which temperature), especially if your baby have any medical conditions or dietary issues. For more information, you can refer to this article:

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I do not offer cold water until my kids are older, i.e. 2 years old, as they develop phelgm easily when they were young. I know some parents offer cold fresh milk to their baby when baby turns 1 year old. It depends on individual on how comfortable you are to give cold drinks to baby.

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after 2.5 yr gave cold water. once/twice a week. Most of the time warm

yes but best not too. is there any reason you want to give cold water?

Yes, a little bit is fine after like 4 to 6 months


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best not to. or not too much. 😊

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yes they can...not too much though

nope ...warm or luke water

Usually at 6 months