Any mummies drank lactacting/pregnant milk powder during confinement? Can drink HL Milk(cold)? Currently BF.

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I drank oatsmilk or fresh soyabean milk for lactation. Ultimately you have to keep yourself hydrated with water, cool or warm as you prefer! Don't just stick to warm water and get all stressed up from it just because you hate it. Try to avoid sugary carbonated drinks though, because it screws up the absorption of fluids into your body. If you need bubbly water you can get from friends with soda stream makers but lay off the sugar. Remember you are both healing as well as replenishing fluids as well as providing fluids for your little one. Think of yourself as recovering from flu, more fluids more nutritious food for faster healing. I personally didn't get sick for a good whole 7 months pp and I'm still pumping for my LO.

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I drink Dumex mamil mama from d day i get to know i m preg till bf till now even i stopped bf, coz it have folic acid, calcium, omega 3 & 6, DHA, iron, allllll d nesseccary supplements needed for a woman! U can get your sample thru their website! Very generous oso leh.. Hehe they gives sample same as fm d @ 400g!! I do make it cold at time when weather really very hot.. i dun find any problem..

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I drink dumex mama milk, never stop since pregnant till now, it help as a milk booster and a must for me after latch cos always hungry. It even taste great when you make it a cold drink.

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I think HL not so good. I drink Frisomum 1 glass a day. Although it’s recommended 2. But I generally prefer fresh milk. Recently kept seeing Arla Organic. Saw it in NTUC. Bought and tried. Love it! Will continue to buy and drink.

Yes I drank lactating milk powder first month just because I had from baby fairs but honestly I don’t think necessary. Just take your BF supplements, drink lots of water and think happy thoughts while BF.

I'm drinking Frisomum from pregnancy till now BF the LO :) I also drink Meiji milk cold from the fridge. Both milk count towards the 1000mg calcium intake recommended by docs.

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Hi, pls try to avoid cold drinks during confinement.. it's only a month.. try to bear with it.. in months or years, your body will thank you!

Some would say during confinement don't drink cold stuffs or eat this and that. I guess it depends on individual and what your beliefs are.

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i drink Marigold Oats milk! Good for BF mummies! I am ok with drinking cold milk during confinement.

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im still doing confinement but cant really say confinement though. seems like another normal day for me. haha do u experience any aches?

Not advisable to drink it cold. Try those lactating milk and make it with warm water.