Are there any games I can play with my newborn?

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Try games that play on your littles ones senses. For example, you can do things to help your babies sense of smell. You can find out about your babies sensitivities by observing his or her reaction to various smells. Introduce him/her to the smell of soap, lotion, food, baby powder. Let your bub smell a piece of chicken, Pandan leaves, orange, coffee beans etc and then name the object as you do so, "smell this, it's a lemon. Lemons taste sour and we use it to enhance taste. Can you smell it?" If u notice a scent is off putting don't repeat it to ur bub. Another reason to play this game is so u can train your bubs nose to avoid picky eating as he/she grows - as smell and taste are very closely related. :)

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If your baby is a newborn, it would be good if you try to engage his senses as much as possible. You can play Peek A Boo, sing songs with actions (Incy Wincy Spider, Round & Round the Garden). Your baby will love the interaction. Get a Taggies blanket or toy which has different textures for your baby to touch and feel.

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When my child was a newborn, she loved staring at patterns (on blankets, throw pillows, etc), songs I would sing, and massages. These aren't necessarily games, but they kept her entertained. We were also very expressive and deliberate with our facial expressions and words/tones so she would learn from us. We did our best to always be smiling and she is quite a happy baby!

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of course :) peekaboo is one of the best games. you can also call out your baby's name and your baby will try to react to it. hold out a toy and let your baby try and touch it. you can also play with a colourful ball and roll it to your baby and move it away. clapping your hands is also a fun game

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jst keep on sayng smthng..n making some will love it...try it

Simple songs, clapping of fngers. Newborns love facial expressions.

Peek a boo, Sing songs, and let him explore your facial features.

Massage does well after shower

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Reading a book