Can I get some idea on Indoor games to play at home with my kids?

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How about an indoor treasure hunt? All that needs to be prepared is writing some clever clues on pieces of paper and hiding them around the house for your husband and children to find. Let them work the clues to point them to the ultimate treasure. Indoor camping will be a unique experience for the children as well (especially when most are brought up in Singapore’s concrete jungle). Push a few chairs together and drape blankets over them to create the tent. Use flashlights, bottles of water and snacks. Pretend to “explore” the surrounding (pretend play is always great!) with binoculars and go around the house. Having story telling in the evening to end off the night. Dad can also have a few rounds of bowling using a ball and some toilet rolls.

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How old are your kids? I have 2 nephews. One is about 18 months old so what I do when he comes over is we play catching lol. And the usual stuff like hide and seek, lego. The other nephew is only 1 month old so he doesn't understand games when I explain the rules to him. He mostly sleeps through it so i end up playing the game by myself hahahahahaha. If your kid is maybe 4+ and above, can start introducing them to slightly 'mentally' challenging games like checkers and tic tac toe. Or or games like 5 stones(culture is important). Try to avoid ipad games I feel. Keep em either physically or mentally fit!

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Why not try activities that involves enhancing different skills for your child? You may want to try repurposing available things at home like creating crafts out of cheerios (you can give them strings and tell them to create a necklace or bracelet out of cheerios under a given time and given number of cheerios only--the fastest one wins). This simple activity can boost their attention to detail, practice their math skills by counting as well as other cognitive skills. You can also check this link for other fun indoor game ideas:

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Some of my best childhood memories involve dressing up and make believe. You could haul out a bunch of clothes (or random art supplies) and tell your kids to "design" a costume based on the theme you have in mind. They can do a fashion show or act out a play after they are done designing their outfits. This activity helps hone their creative skills and let's face it, who doesn't love wearing silly costumes?

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I would suggest board games or craft work. Board games are really fun and can encourage them to think. While craft work will bring out that creative talent. I remember when I was little, my dad always get us to draw, paint or even creating simple craft works. I enjoyed it a lot, and actually a big influence of who I am today - I enjoy (crave) creating new things everyday! :)

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There's a lot to choose from in this list. Try and try until you find one that every member of the family enjoys. My personal favourite are board games. Fun for everyone!

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there are so many types you can play depending on your children's age. we love playing word games, jenga, big jigsaw and block games, card games and so on.

Grab some toys such as Lego and make a game with them, such as building random objects. Charades are pretty good too.

Blocks! and role playing are good indoor games. watch mister maker with your lo and do I with them. it's really fun