Hello mums, what kind of activities or games can I play with my 8 month baby

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at 8 months your baby will start getting super active and observant. this is a time when you can play a lot, and help your baby learn through everyday activities. here are some fun things you can do with your 8 month old: 1. let your baby do more tummy time and crawling games. you can put favourite toys at a distance, so that your baby tries to move towards them. 2. play peekaboo and simple hide and seek games. you can hide a toy under the blanket and ask your baby to find it. 3. sing lots of rhymes with actions, and encourage your baby to emulate the actions too.

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this is a fun age, where your baby will really turn into an explorer :) my babies were always moving around the house at this age, and always wanted to know about almost anything and everything! i found this article very helpful that shows you simple games you can play with your baby at home, that will encourage overall development and also keep your baby excited :) http://www.livestrong.com/article/102608-games-play-8monthold-baby/

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Check this link out http://parenttown.com/q/what-activities-8-months-old-baby/20375 That should answer your question :)

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ofc dear!

I sang lots of songs and nursery rhymes, read a book to him. peek-a-boo and my boy loves it.

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Lots of sensory DIY ideas you can google online! And pretend play is one of my favorites

Singing, clapping, toys etc

Sensory games

Peek a boo