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Anyone switch careers after giving birth? What are some of the more understanding and forgiving industries to go to? I love my job but bosses and colleagues are not the most understanding. Except for mc during gynae appointments, I did not take any other leave even when I fell sick. These are pre-planned, and I’m required to work from home too. Performance bonus and annual increment based on past year work, but I’m penalised as I won’t be around for a few months in 2020 (ML), and this will also affect my performance appraisal in 2021.

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I’m very tempted to take a year break or so. After all, baby’s milestones once missed I can never turn back. However, I’m worried that I may not be able to get a job when I’m ready to return. I have a friend who quit to look after her kid. Been a few years, she only managed to get part time job or covering for people going on maternity.

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Yes pls switch. You can try healthcare line? I was in engineering before & it was too stressful for me. Now im in healthcare line, i feel that my boss and colleagues are more understanding towards my situation. :) but it all depends on ur boss and the people he hire i guess.. my place has no politics & i love it. :) all the best in your job hunting!

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3y ago

Thank you very much!

Government sector should better. Though I would suggest to talk to HR and see if there can be a proper arrangement worked out? Or maybe can consider no-pay leave? That way you can get a clean break from work, less pressure that way, albeit no pay.

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You may wanna consider jobs that give you time flexibility! I may be able to intro you and let you know mroe if you’re keen :)

3y ago

Not mlm I supposed?

It’s alright to do a career switch. Some industries can be forgiving.

Government sector perhaps? They have programmes supporting PMETs too

You can consider taking a short break of 1 year

I actually quit my job so feel better

I quit my job after maternity leave

3y ago

Hats off to you! Mustn’t be easy