Resignation during maternity leave!

Hi Mammas, do u think it will be fair to resign the job while on maternity leave ? I’m on my first pregnancy and planning to resign in few months, as I go to my native & I have no intention to work after giving birth. But my friends are telling me to take maternity leave & give resignation letter during my leave.But I feel it’s not right & so guilty about it . What can I do ? Anyone have done like this ? Plz suggest! TIA 😊

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I have colleagues who did this - a lot of things and decisions change when you are looking after a child. Their infant may be really needy, they may be uncomfortable going back to work, they may get depression, their life goals may change. How about thinking about this like - you can use the income, and you may yet change your mind when you start juggling your new mummy duties (what if you decide you cannot stand it and want to work instead), it's fine to try out your new lifestyle first before you make the final decision to throw letter.

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Take ML first and finish it. Then you resign. Take advantage of it while still getting paid for staying home with your newborn. After ML, can send in resignation, only if you have someone to care for your newborn while you serve your notice period at work. If not, can just resign during ML. Don't need to care about work, family more important.

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we have staff who quit after ML.. im working (earning vvv little) coz hubby feels when i m working i can spend more freely! No doubt this is also my first child, but i know i am not cut out to be a SAHM :P i dun tink u shld tender during ML thou.

Just take ML first then resign. I’ve colleagues who served their notice using maternity leave. Don’t need to feel bad for the company, they can definitely afford 2 months of your pay. The other 2 months is paid by government.

Take the maternity leave first and resign later. U can take the opportunity to think whether you really suits to be a stay at home mum during your maternity period. At least you won't regret later. 😊

I and my colleague same department resign after maternity. She resigned cos she found a better job while I decide to be a SAHM

I would highly suggest you to do so. I regretted not using ML because I quit.

Me also.. but i plan to use the ML den come back to tender resignation.. hehehe