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In the year of 2019 I worked till November first week and went into hospitalization leave till 2020 Feb (till I due for birth) after that only I'll be taking my maternity leave and will require me to go back to work mid June of 2020. I didn't get any amount of 13th month bonus but have been receiving my pay during my hospitalization leave. My hospitalization leave for 2019 is 54 days when I'm entitled to 60 days. This year 2020 I'm on hospitalization leave for 45 days and my leaves got renewed. Is it normal for companies not to pay 13 month bonus if their on hospitalization leave? Can anyone advise me?

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Do try asking. Not sure you're with a pte or civil organisation but most people don't know that in MOM terms, 13th month is not an entitlement nor a bonus. It is an annual wage supplement ah.. So any coy can don't give 13th month if they don't want to. Hope is your HR oversight and will give after you ask!

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In my opinion, company should pay 13mth eventhough u r on Hospital leave, reason you are still the employee unless ur contract stated T&C for 13mth. Does your company have any in house Union? They can represent you to bargain with the management. 2nd option, to check with MOM officer.

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True I worked till Nov first week before going on hospitalization leave. I'll try asking my management first.


Check your employment contracts or company policy with HR, If your Company is unionized, u may also check with union. It's not cover by MOM as far as I know.

You shd be entitled if it is stated in your contract. If it is not in your employment agreement, your employer can choose not to give.

Should be have. You have to ask your company hq! For my company if take unpaid leave will deduct 13th month bonus $.

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I think better check with your HR. I know some companies still pay 13 month bonus for those that are on ML or HL

I took about 6 weeks hl in 2018 in 1st tri and last week b4 pop. Was given 13th month.

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I got my 13th mth even tho i took HL. Mine was ard 40 days like dat..maybe ask your HR

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Alright will try asking.

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I think it’s up to your company policy too. You may check out with your HR

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btr to check with ur hr. shld be entitled..